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Speakme Mgr allows you to create a stream and invite individuals to contribute to the conversation. Job candidates, idea sharing, creative performances... it's all available in YOUR stream. Paired with the Speakme app, Speakme Mgr is a powerful way to drive a focused interaction.

How does it work?

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Save time on the candidate screening process...

Reduce the amount of resumes needed to consolidate, eliminate phone screens, and get to the interview stage quicker by using the on-demand video platform, Speakme Mgr provides. Humanize the hiring process in a way that works for both candidate and hiring manager by asking for a video as soon as possible. View & rate each ptch when you have the time.  Use the "Build your Bench" feature to save your favorites and help build a candidate funnel even if there isn’t a specific position available.  Initiate a video at any time in the hiring process.

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Enable ALL candidates the opportunity to be Seen, Heard, & Hired

Some resumes look better than others... but who is the person behind the paper? 

Eliminate "paper tigers" and find those "diamonds in the rough" that you've been searching for.  See how your candidates will present themselves to your customers. The results are surprising!

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Ptch transitions into an effective training and communication tool after the hire!

With Speakme Mgr, you're able to train your teams to effectively communicate your message out in the field/on the job.  How do you tackle a certain objection? How do you promote the latest product offering? Send out your request and view/score the teams' replies on your own time. Speakme Mgr gets you and your team collaborating on a more cohesive level. 

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New stream is created to receive ptches


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A unique link is

sent to candidates



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The candidates record their ptch and the managers are notified


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Managers can now watch, rate the ptch, and can also share it with other managers



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The resume can now be reviewed and candidate contacted


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