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& Diversity


Speakme is dedicated to reducing the time and cost associated with the traditional hiring process by providing an easy-to-use platform that empowers all candidates the opportunity to be seen, heard, and hired.

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As we work towards our mission of helping reduce hiring time by providing a platform to be seen, heard, and hired, we recognize that our organization has the opportunity to be part of positive change.  

We believe that multiple points of view and diverse voices are the foundation for innovation, collaboration, and success. We are committed to driving diverse initiatives in our business as well as the businesses in our communities.

What are we doing to increase diversity at Speakme?

We believe one of the largest roadblocks with creating a diverse workplace is the traditional interview process. Our software seeks to solve this problem by allowing hiring managers the ability to review a large quantity of candidates more efficiently than current methods.

We hire via the Speakme system. Our hiring managers are required to review and rate candidates before moving to the next phase of the process.  We here at Speakme, are seeing the benefits of providing a platform where a greater number of candidates can be seen & heard.