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Value People Over Paper


Don't be just another resume in the stack, be the job candidate that is seen, heard, and hired!  

Hiring managers...

Are you tired of reviewing countless resumes only to get into phone screens and interviews that last much longer than they should? 

Do you find that resumes often don't match the person in the interview?!

Speakme helps solve these issues and enables you to hire the right person faster!

Resumes... yes they're important, but who is the person behind the paper?

How will they interact with the team? How will they greet your customers?  

Bullet points on a resume rarely convey the energy and enthusiasm needed to be a valued contributor.

Speakme empowers your managers to value people over paper.

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Candidates have 60 seconds or less to make an impression

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Managers review and rate candidates at their leisure
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Deploys as a training tool to enhance effective communication

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The new way for candidates to be seen, heard, & hired! Stand out amongst the stack of resumes and countless applicants competing for the same position.

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The Speakme Mgr app enables you to create a stream and invite individuals to contribute to the conversation. Job candidates, idea sharing, creative performances... it's all available in YOUR stream. Save time reviewing resumes, performing phone screens, and interviews.  Find out who the person is behind the paper!

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